DIRTQUAKE II , moto heroes!!!

2013, Norfolk Arena, Kings Lynn, UK.
Second edition of Sideburn´s very famous "moto-mayhem" DirtQuake!!, the only place you could see Willy Wonka eating dust over his made-of-chocolate-chopper-monster!! An authentic madness that, Gods know, if it happen again next year, I´ll promise I´ll forget my bloody camera and I´ll "go fast turn left" with my horns on!! if not, it will be an incredibly waste of my time.... Congratulations Ben&Gary and all the Sideburn gang!!
 photo IMG_2439800_zpse81c055e.jpg  photo IMG_2427800_zps78fdfbb2.jpg  photo IMG_2784800_zpsff216698.jpg  photo IMG_2436800bis_zpsaab4e839.jpg  photo IMG_2795800_zpsd4c7d9e3.jpg  photo IMG_2717800_zps8f071d0f.jpg  photo IMG_2374800_zps61a5a004.jpg  photo IMG_2715800_zps2be132a4.jpg  photo IMG_2514800_zpsb59140fa.jpg  photo IMG_2073800_zps4e2439df.jpg  photo IMG_2178800_zps52d5dcd3.jpg  photo IMG_2561800bis_zpsd014b6d7.jpg  photo IMG_2825800_zps058a0189.jpg  photo IMG_2275800bis_zpsdc0b62b1.jpg  photo IMG_2147800_zpse878b87a.jpg  photo IMG_2480800_zps0b29b42f.jpg  photo IMG_2316800_zps39189733.jpg  photo IMG_2818800_zps7d51d87b.jpg  photo IMG_2814800_zps7b737d77.jpg  photo IMG_2534800_zps3ed76f14.jpg  photo IMG_2760800_zps4305bbc6.jpg  photo IMG_2776800_zps9e8158a3.jpg  photo IMG_2304800_zps168150bd.jpg  photo IMG_2816800bis_zps41996382.jpg  photo IMG_2288800_zps778b5e3e.jpg  photo IMG_2249800bis_zps56f1573d.jpg  photo IMG_2493800_zps682223d5.jpg  photo IMG_2570800_zps19db1e02.jpg  photo IMG_2781800_zpse092b8ca.jpg  photo IMG_2552800_zps2a7c2f58.jpg  photo IMG_2695800_zpsd8ea545b.jpg  photo IMG_2696800_zpsa448b68f.jpg  photo IMG_2697800_zps0af6131a.jpg  photo IMG_2808800_zpsc7ca302d.jpg  photo IMG_2672800_zps404cd5f5.jpg

4 comentarios:

Luke Inazuma dijo...

Lovely, simply lovely, beautiful, outstanding...
I have no words to describe how I like these pics.
Great Kristina, one of my favourite photographer, non question.

CORB dijo...

Tremenda compilación de fotos .
Eres una ARTISTAZA !!!

CORB dijo...

Vaya colección de fotos

Eres una ARTISTAZA !!!

Hairy Larry dijo...

Great pictures, damn I'd like to do that!